University of Dallas

BREVITY ALERT: I have visited many schools. I really don’t have anything helpful/important to say about some of them. This is one of those schools. 

I only visited UD because it was conveniently located and I said “What the heck! Why not stop by?”

I immediately knew that I had no interest in going there. I got to the campus and it kind of felt like a high school. It really felt like a school for local kids–which is a great resource for them, I’m just not one of them.  The campus was pretty nice though, I wouldn’t say it was ugly or anything. It was just really small and did not feel very collegiate.

It has as many undergrads as there are students at my high school (1,200 students) and is very easy to get into. Ehhh I think I’m gonna pass.

Like I said, I bet this school is great for the students it serves, it’s just faaaar from what I’m personally looking for.

Does anyone out there have anything more enlightening to share about UD? I’d love to hear a real perspective on this school.

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3 thoughts on “University of Dallas

  1. Lisa

    I was shocked to see that you even visited this school. University of Dallas is a small Catholic school, with mostly locals. The campus is dead on the weekends. And pretty much, if you can fill out the application correctly, you are in. It is no where near the league of the other schools you are looking at.

  2. Karly

    It’s really just a school for strong Liberal Arts Students. While you can likely get into to the school, If you’re not really bookish and seriously into Literature, History, Philosophy, etc., you’ll likely get your butt kicked.

  3. Annamica

    Actually, almost 60% of the students who attend UD are from out of state; the incoming class of 2017 hails from 260 different cities, 38 different states, and 9 different countries. This year, the median GPA was 3.77, ACT 26.8, and SAT 1204. It has become a regular in the Fiske Guide to Colleges:

    For some more accurate information, check out US News and World Reports:

    Or better yet, check out the mission of the university on its website:


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