UC San Diego

BREVITY ALERT: I have visited many schools. I really don’t have anything helpful/important to say about some of them. This is one of those schools. 

I didn’t tour UCSD, I really just drove through it on my way back from USD. And another disclaimer, it isn’t reeaalllyy in San Diego, San Diego. It’s in a town by the name of La Jolla, which is part of San Diego. It’s actually about half an hour from downtown, which isn’t too bad, it just doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of San Diego. The campus didn’t feel as beach to me as USD did. Although I did not see it, La Jolla apparently has a cute area by the water. This makes me feel better about the school because when I was on campus I thought it felt pretty isolated.

Anywho, as soon as we parked on campus I was certain it wasn’t the school for me. It just did not feel right. And please keep in mind, I live in southern California where most of us think of UCSD as a great school with strong programs–so it’s not like I went there with low expectations.

It’s not like it’s ugly or horrifying or gross! It just didn’t feel nice at all. It was clear that it didn’t give me that homey feel of belonging or comfort, which I definitely need in my college. It just felt cold and icky…which I guess is hard to explain. Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that every building is made of concrete? Just a theory. Also, I had the feeling that there wasn’t a very clear layout of the campus. It just felt like a bunch of big buildings scattered about…which gave me loss of direction and made the campus feel as if it had no true center. I may have just been completely confused, that’s just what it felt like to me.  All I can say is that it’s not for me. And that’s cool!

I think it’s a great school for those who want to be in San Diego / Southern California (“Not I!” said the fly!) and/or who are going into the sciences (“Maybe me…”, said the flea), so if that’s you then definitely look into it! I know that it’s for some people (many kids I go to school with try and want to get in) and not for others (two of my friends who have visited feel the same as I do.)

It’s a challenging, highly regarded school located near some of the best beaches in California; honestly, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Are any of you interested in UCSD? Why? Has anyone else gone to the campus but had a more positive experience? I’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts on UCSD in the comments!

If the amount of very objective and quantitative information in this post (ha) is insufficient for you, then go on over to http://collegeprowler.com/university-of-california—-san-diego/ for more of all that good stuff.

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Thank you and good luck with your searches!

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