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Northwestern University

It isn’t easy for me to freely admit that I am a susceptible consumer, but sometimes commercials really do get me. For example, Northwestern University, a college I only knew to be an academic powerhouse in Chicago, became much more appealing to me when I saw a commercial for it a couple of years ago on ESPN or something.

Here it is if you’d like to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IADRZZmtY4

Anyways, I thought it was the cutest, goofiest thing and I immediately wanted to go there.

When I got the chance to visit I was actually really nervous because it seemed like the perfect school for me from everything I researched, but they accept 23% of applicants. I know that 23% isn’t extremely low, but the chances still aren’t too good.

I got to eat breakfast in Evanston, where Northwestern is located, before my tour. It was, by far from what I saw, my favorite place in Chicago. It was really cute and nice and there were so many places to eat and shop. I really liked it! Also, the actual neighborhood surrounding the school is very nice. The houses are beautiful and it’s right on the water.


IMG_1575 (1)







Between the info session and the tour, here is what I learned about the twelfth best school (according to US News) in the country:

  • 1/3 of the population participates in Greek life
  • You can’t have a car on campus for your first 2 years
  • They have buses that take students downtown and there are three public bus stations on campus
  • Housing is guaranteed but not required for Freshmen
  • Second, third, and fourth year students are put in a housing lottery–our tour guide said that everyone who enters gets housing
  • Most upperclassmen live off-campus
  • There are 30 dorms including themed housing and residential colleges
  • All students get a Wild Card which includes free entrance to all home games and 36 flex dollars each quarter
  • Students take 4 classes each quarter
  • They have a Happiness Club!
  • The most popular meal plan for Freshmen is 14 meals/week
  • The campus (or part of it) is built on the lake so they used sand for the foundation
  • There are 80 shows/performances each year
  • There are many traditions on campus, for example: walking through the arches, painting the rocks, and Dance Marathon.



All the tour guides, including the ones I got, were extremely nice and interesting people. Sadly however, these were the only students I got to see on campus! And no, they weren’t on any  break…I went on a Saturday. Now I understand that no one was awake at eight o’clock, but no one was around at 11 either! Also, the food vendors in the main student center were all closed! I found it all to be very weird. It felt like a creepy ghost town and it was very uncomfortable.

I mean doesn’t this look sad?!



Anyways, I clearly didn’t like that. I really wish I had seen the campus when there was a trace of life on it. Instead, here’s what I got that day:

IMG_1632IMG_1633IMG_1634IMG_1635IMG_1636IMG_1637IMG_1638IMG_1639IMG_1640IMG_1642    IMG_1580  IMG_1583IMG_1584IMG_1585IMG_1586IMG_1587IMG_1588IMG_1589IMG_1590IMG_1591IMG_1592IMG_1593IMG_1594IMG_1595IMG_1597IMG_1598IMG_1599IMG_1604IMG_1605IMG_1607IMG_1610IMG_1611IMG_1612IMG_1613 (1)IMG_1614IMG_1617IMG_1618IMG_1619  IMG_1626IMG_1627IMG_1629IMG_1630IMG_1631


I thought some parts of campus were very pretty, but in general, it didn’t seem that spectacular to me. It just didn’t feel homey, or warm, or right to me. Which is what I’m looking for! So, unfortunately, Northwestern isn’t for me.

If I were to describe my experience in one word it would be ‘lackluster’. Maybe my high expectations or the school’s grand reputation are to blame but I just didn’t find it to be that great. Oh well! I’m sorry I don’t have very much to share, I just don’t have a lot to go off of.

Has anyone been on campus when it was awake? What was it like? Did anyone visit and really like Northwestern? I’d really like to hear other perspectives if any of you are willing to share!

For more information go to http://collegeprowler.com/northwestern-university/

Thank you so much for reading! Please share your insight, thoughts, and opinion in the comments below. We’d all love to hear what you have to say.