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How Rude of Me!!

I can’t believe I completely disregarded all rules of common courtesy! I’m truly ashamed, but I forgot to introduce you to my Notebook!! I think it’s a good time as any sooooooo….

Do like my clever placement of a torn piece of paper towel I found randomly in the car? (This whole concealing my identity thing is such a challenge! CURSE YOU PRIVACY!)

I started writing in this classic, handsome red, wide-ruled composition notebook in the summer of 2010 after Freshman year. I was in the car on the way to Waco to visit Baylor and I began to go back and write down my thoughts about each campus I’d ever gone to. I’ve continued to journal in it and I have a page for every school I’ve gone to.

As of now, I have 46 school reviews written down. Let’s call it the Original Blog, shall we? It’s where I will be looking back to see how I felt about each school after seeing it! So rest assured, I’m not just making up random stuff all the time. Woohoo!

If I didn’t have this journal, I probably would never have been able to blog about all these colleges. People always doubt that I can actually differentiate between all the colleges I’ve visited, granted I do mix up some small details, but here’s my secret! As well as my wit and young, able memory of course.

I even have this page!


And even this one!!


And even this game-changer!


Any way that’s just a little taste of the source of all my knowledge and wisdom! Thought you’d like to know!