Spring Break!

I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but at my school the teachers went crazy the last week before break and gave every test and made every project due. It was rough, to say the least. But it’s over! My brain still is a bit numb though.

So last Wednesday my mom and I left at about 4:45 pm and got to Walnut Creek (outside of San Francisco) at 12:15 a.m Thursday morning. Worst part of the trek? Hitting a possum on the highway. RIP Mr. Possum. The Holiday Inn welcomed us with open arms and iffy smells…I was too groggy to care about the air quality though.

First thing Thursday morning I checked my SAT score on my phone. The results: 2010. I was hoping to break 2000 so I mean, I couldn’t have been any closer. Wooo!!! Then we toured St. Mary’s in the morning and then toured USF in the afternoon. (Sneak preview: St. Mary’s= probably not, USF=heck yes).

Then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I just gallivanted around San Francisco in a beautiful haze of bipolar weather, to-die-for food, and incredible views. In an earlier post I wrote that in San Francisco I wanted to: “walk around and shop and see the views and ride the trolley like a mad man and eat more amazing food and find cute coffee shops!” Walk around? Check. Shop? No. See the views? Yes siree. Ride the trolley? Yup. Like a mad man? ehhh not so much, I actually sat very tamely and gripped the side bar with my life. Eat amazing food? Belly says thank you. Cute coffee shops? Unfortunately, no.

All in all, I didn’t do too shabby! It was so fun and magical and glorious and it was sooooooo hard to leave (cough cough I may have cried in the car cough cough). I guess that Kipling dude was right.

IMG_1122.jpg Take that Pinterest, I got my own picture now. Ha!

Even though I really (really, really, really, really) did not want to leave San Francisco, Santa Cruz was also pretty great. I probably would have liked it more if I had gone before I went to San Francisco, but even with my bias I knew it was a nice place. The downtown was really fun, the ocean views were unbelievable, and the forests were absolutely insane–it’s definitely a place worth visiting. I toured UC Santa Cruz on Monday and, another sneak preview, it was super nice! I think it’s a lot better than most people think it is.

After that exciting trip,I pretty much went into hibernation yesterday. Today I showered, which is always good for reentry into the world, and did other little errands. But guess what! I’m leaving tomorrow at 6 a.m. to Chicago! Although part of me just wants to go back to San Francisco, another part of me is really looking forward to seeing Chicago and the amazing schools there! I’m going to visit Loyola, U Chicago, Northwestern, and even Notre Dame so I can’t wait to let you guys know what I think. Also, I get to see friends that live there which is extremely exciting!

Some of my friends are gone seeing schools this week too. I have two friends partying it up in
Oregon and two friends over on the East Coast– I cannot wait to hear what they think of the schools! I think I’ll try to coax them into writing reviews for this blog, candy or coffee usually works pretty well.

Oh! I also got to tour LMU and UCLA a couple weeks ago so I’ll be able to review those soon too! (So. Many. Colleges.) I gotta lotta pictures for y’all so get excited.

Well that’s all folks! I promise to write reviews soon!  Let me know how you did on the SAT and if you’re seeing or saw any schools during break too!

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