SAT’s, Spring Breaks, and Seminars

Yay for convenient alliteration/consonance!!!

I’m so sorry that I’ve kept all of you waiting at the edges of your seats for so long! That must have been so rough on you! (Just to be safe, yes, that was sarcasm.)

A lot has happened since I wrote last. First of all, like many other Juniors, I did the deed, conquered the beast…I took the SAT yesterday. My relatively lame excuse for not writing a school review these past couple weeks: trying to study as much as I could. I can’t, legally, talk about it in detail so all I will say is: yay. I’m so happy that we did it but I truly have no idea¬†how well or poorly I did. I cannot wait to just get my score back and know already! RAAWWRRR. No matter how I did I will share with you my score…but, to be fair, someone else should share theirs too. Just saying.

I plan on taking it again in June so the studying will not cease yet–the trek continues. Also, I think I’m going to take the Subject Tests for Math II and Lit. in May. You know, just for another fun Saturday to add in this semester.

Another exciting thing that happened is that my Spring Break has been planned! We have defied the odds and although I said it would be crazy to go to both San Francisco and Chicago in the same week, I actually believe that we will pull it off. The plan is to go to San Francisco for the first four days of my break with my mom and aunt to see USF, St. Mary’s and Academy of the Art. Then, four days later, I will fly to Chicago with my dad to see U Chicago, Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Loyola. I’M SO EXCITED! These are schools that I’ve dreamt about seeing (okay, maybe not literally, but I’ve certainly day-dreamt about it) and I can’t believe that I will actually get to go! I’m so excited to tell you all about them!

The last and, in my opinion, most exciting thing that’s happened is that I have been chosen by administration and faculty at my school to apply for the Youth Citizenship Seminar! It’s a five-day student seminar at the beautiful Pepperdine University and it sounds absolutely amazing. I was unexpectedly called out of Brit. Lit. last week along with one other girl and two guys from my grade. We were informed that we can all apply but only one girl and one boy will be accepted from our school. It got to be real Hunger Game-y real fast. Even if I’m not accepted, I am still so incredibly honored that I had the opportunity to apply. I would honestly never guess that I would be chosen for something like this. Knowing that some people at my school see me as a student with good character and leadership abilities is, first of all, very unexpected, but also so kind and humbling.

I just did my application for it! I’ll let you know what happens, good or…less good.

2 thoughts on “SAT’s, Spring Breaks, and Seminars

  1. Cheryl

    Good Luck I on getting chosen for Youth Citizenship Seminar!!!!! Fingers crossed for ya! When will you find out? (this is Cheryl)


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