Oregon State University

BREVITY ALERT: I have visited many schools. I really don’t have anything helpful/important to say about some of them. This is one of those schools. 

My family decided to stop by OSU on our way back to Portland from our University of Oregon tour. It was dark when we went so I couldn’t take any pictures and it was pretty hard to see.

Here are the few things I do know about this school:

  • It’s about 90 minutes from Portland.
  • It’s in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • It has 15,000 students.
  • They have sports.
  • It’s a college.

So yeah, that pretty shows you the breadth of my knowledge! Pretty impressive huh?

It seemed like a beautiful, big campus in the middle of a very average, unexciting town. I really don’t think it’s for me but I definitely understand why so many people go!

Does anyone have more information on OSU? I mean, I know I covered practically everything there is to know, but I would still like to hear what any of you have to say!

Go here to get more information on it: http://collegeprowler.com/oregon-state-university/

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