My “Resume”

I wanted to share this stuff with you so you have an idea of what colleges are safeties, on target, and reaches for me personally.

As a quick background, I go to a challenging, college prep, private, Catholic high school with about 1,300 students.

Here are the extracurricular activities that I listed on my Common App (it accepts a maximum of 10):

  • Service club founder/president ; 11 and 12 grade; 2 hours a week for each week of the school year
  • Diversity Team Member/Commissioner; 11 grade as member and 12 grade as commissioner; 2 hours a week for each week of the school year
  • Student Council member; 11 grade on the supporting team and 12 grade as a Diversity Commissioner; 2.5 hours a week for each week of the school year
  • Writing this blog!; 11 and 12 grade; 2.5 hours per week for 25 weeks of the year
  • Soccer player/captain; 9,10,11, and 12 grade; 9 hours a week for 25 weeks of the year
  • Tutor of elementary school students at a local community center; 10,11, and 12 grade; 1 hour per week for 20 weeks of the year
  • School Ambassador; 10, 11, and 12 grade; 1.5 hours per week for 15 weeks each year
  • Student tutor (for the California Scholarship Federation); 10, 11, and 12 grade; 1 hour each week for 20 weeks
  • Summer intern; 9, 10, and 11 grade; 14 hours per week for 6 weeks of the year
  • Playing school soccer; 9 and 10 grade; 10 hours per week for 12 weeks

After taking a mock ACT and realizing that it doesn’t suit me well, I decided to never take it. Rather, I took the SAT twice: I got a 2010 on the March test. (Math: 610; Reading: 690; Writing: 710) and a 2160 on the June test. (Math: 650; Reading: 800; Writing: 710). I used the Princeton Review book for practice tests and read Hack the SAT by Eliot Shcrefer (which I highly, highly recommend). I was also privately tutored during the spring of my Junior year. I had two tutors (one before the first exam and one before the second) and I found that they were helpful for the purposes of forcing me to practice and for providing more strategies.

My school does not use plusses or minuses in our grades and they add another GPA point to all Honors and AP classes. They restrict how many AP’s students may take: zero in ninth grade, 1 in tenth, and then 3/4 for eleventh and twelfth. We are also required to take a religion class every semester.

Here are my grades:

Ninth Grade Semester 1

  • Honors English- B
  • Honors Geometry (my favorite subject ever)- A
  • Religion- A
  • Computers- A
  • Biology (Really wish I’d taken honors)- B
  • Dance (I can’t dance to save my life)- A
  • Spanish 2- A

Semester 2

  • Honors English- A
  • Honors Geometry- A
  • Religion-A
  • Geometry- A
  • Bio- A
  • Dance 1- A
  • Spanish Dos- A

Tenth Grade Semester 1

  • Honors English- B
  • Honors Alg. 2- A
  • Honors Chem (this subject killed my brain)- B
  • Spanish 3- A
  • AP World- B
  • Religion- A
  • Business- A

Semester 2

  • Honors English- A
  • Honors Alg. 2- A
  • Honors Chem.- B
  • Spanish 3- A
  • AP World- A
  • Religion- A
  • Writing- A

I got a 4 on the AP World exam–don’t ask me how. 

Eleventh Grade Semester 1 

  • Honors Pre Calc- B
  • Honors Brit Lit- A
  • AP Environmental- A
  • AP English Language- A
  • Spanish IV- A
  • US History- A
  • Religion- A

Eleventh Grade Semester 2

  • Same as above.

I got 4′s on both AP Environmental Science and AP English Language.

Twelfth Grade Semester 1

  • Religion-A
  • AP Biology-A
  • Tragic Hero-A
  • AP Government-A
  • AP Macroeconomics-A
  • Honors Physics-A
  • Calculus-A

Twelfth Grade Semester 2 (TBA)

  • Religion
  • AP Biology
  • Literary Landscapes: California as Author and Text
  • AP Government
  • Marine Biology
  • Honors Physics
  • Calculus




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    1. mbfcs Post author

      I got a different (and better) tutor and just continued my practice tests and prep. I was very happy to see improvement!


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