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I feel inspired to write this blog today because I visited it almost exactly a year ago! My dad and I had to fly into Atlanta in order to fly to Quito, Ecuador. I had never really been interested in Emory until my dad made a really smart proposition: why not visit spend a night in Atlanta and visit Emory while we’re there? Yeah, why not!

We know a girl who just graduated from Emory and loved it, so we asked her if there was anyone in Atlanta who could maybe give us a tour. We were only there on a Saturday, so we couldn’t sign up for an official tour. We were in luck! Her friend, who was going into her last year, offered to take the time to give us our own, personal tour! Although we didn’t get the normal tour information, she was so kind and friendly and honest and informative, so it was a really great experience.

We took a cab from our hotel (Fun Fact: we stayed in the same hotel that was used in the movie Flight) and ate at the Panera that’s right down the street from the school! This made me extremely happy and was a great way to start off my visit.

Here’s the street, looking at it from the front of the school, where the Panera, a CVS, and some restaurants/bars are. How handy! I really loved this set up.

2012-07-21 11.48.24

Aaaaah, the fancy, marble sign…

2012-07-21 11.49.10


…right next to the fancy marble gate!

2012-07-21 11.49.17

It felt so serious and collegiate and official, I felt kinda proud to just walk through the entrance! It’s very green and park-like once you walk in, so it was easy to imagine happy students scattered around. It felt very welcoming, comfortable, and new but it was hard to get a feel for the atmosphere  as there were no students on campus.

2012-07-21 12.50.47

As you can see, there is some modern architecture but there is also a uniform style that sweeps across the campus, making everything feel as though they go together.

I didn’t get to see inside a dorm unfortunately, but I did go inside the gym, the dining hall, and a library.

  1. The gym was relatively disappointing. It was really large and had everything one would need, but parts of it just felt grubby. The free weights and the cardio machines area, for example, felt old and too small. The gym did seem to be in a good location however, which is definitely a perk.
  2. The dining hall was very unique and interesting, but certainly nice. There was a lot of seating and the food options I saw looked yummy and inclusive. Here’s part of. It’s an inside-out building! 2012-07-21 12.22.26
  3. The library we went into was really nice. It was pretty big and there were many options for places to study. They had study rooms for group work and silent areas for those who need those types of environments!

The athletics are Division 3, but apparently pretty good D3! However, our guide told us that only a few students care about the sports teams. She said that not many people will be in the stands for a given sports event, which kind of sucks. The other thing I didn’t like was how important Greek life is. Our guide characterized it as being the center of the social sphere on campus, which really sucks. She said that no one would really care if you don’t do Greek, but that so many people do that it’s hard to completely avoid. She also talked about the importance of partying to many of the students.  She said it amazed her how many people could get drunk almost every night and then go to class in the morning and be great students. I agree, that is pretty impressive, but I still do not like that whole work hard, play hard mentality. She said that Emory really is a big party school but that the school tries to hide that title, understandably. And it still really is a good school! The academics are highly rated and I have no doubt that students leave with a great education. 

As soon as she informed me of this party lifestyle, I pretty much checked myself out. Even though I like a lot about this school (such as the good size: 7,000 undergrads), I know that that atmosphere is really not ideal for me. So that made it easy!

2012-07-21 12.48.55 2012-07-21 12.48.58  2012-07-21 12.56.30 2012-07-21 13.05.31 2012-07-21 13.05.33 2012-07-21 13.32.26 2012-07-21 13.32.36    2012-07-21 12.19.02

Here’s the on-campus hospital! I thought this is a great resource for students going into medicine. 2012-07-21 12.19.10

The surrounding area is very residential and felt pretty safe to me. It seems nicely nestled away from the city, and yet only about 15, 20 minutes from downtown! Perfect. However, there were a few sketchy areas between the school and downtown. I loved Atlanta. I looooooved it. It was a really nice city, with beautiful nature, great resources, and, most importantly, super friendly people! Now, I’ve been to Texas a bunch of times, but this was just overpowering friendliness, and I loved it! It seemed like a great city to be in for college. They have nice public transit, sports teams, places to go out, and a great international airport.

How do you feel about Emory University? If you took an official tour, share what you learned! Do you think it’s fair to take a school off of your list because of the social focus? Share your opinions!

If you want more information on Emory, go to http://collegeprowler.com/emory-university/

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Thank you and good luck with your searches!

5 thoughts on “Emory University

  1. Lisa

    I think it is fair to take a school off the list over the social focus. I would also look to see if the picture you were given of the party life is accurate. I am older and my children are looking at college now. The university I went to was a big party school. Sure, it had a lot of smart people who did well, but the partying meant that unless I wanted to join in, I would not have a social life. No one pressured me to join. They were still nice and still visited with me and included me during non-partying times. But so often, I sat there and watched everyone excited and going on, and me sitting at home, watching TV or studying or whatever else. It was awful. My children are staying away from colleges and universities where the Greek system is so rampant.

    1. mbfcs Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience! I appreciate your advice and perspective. May I ask what college you went to? Also, what colleges are your kids interested in? Thank you for all your comments!!

      1. Lisa

        I went to Iowa State, big mistake. It was a big engineering school, and my mom had had a stroke while I was in high school, so the whole college search ended before it began. I was a national merit too, and could have had scholarships elsewhere. I could have probably gotten in where ever I wanted. My husband went to U of Chicago. My mom went to Rice and my sister went to Carleton. My daughter is applying to Carleton, Rice, Williams, and Swarthmore. Yale is her favorite Ivy, but not sure if she will apply there. I love reading your blog! We have not had a lot of chance to travel around and see schools. Your blog has been a lot of help.

        1. mbfcs Post author

          I’m so sorry your college tour and experience didn’t go as planned. It does sound like you have some great universities in your family! I wish your kids good luck with their searches and I’m so happy I could help you out a bit! Thank you so much for reading!

  2. Lisa

    I forgot to add, the partying at the U I went to did not just revolve around the Greeks. It was my first term, freshman year. But my dorm had all ages. My oldest is attending a school now, where the freshmen are clustered together. There were a lot of people who were 21 on my dorm floor for obtaining alcohol for everyone.


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