DePaul Unversity

BREVITY ALERT: I have visited many schools. I really don’t have anything helpful/important to say about some of them. This is one of those schools. 

I went to Chicago to tour Loyola, Northwestern, and UChicago, but since we were there we decided to quickly stop by DePaul.

As soon as we drove up it was clear that it is not a traditional campus. It feels urban, open, and only semi-contained. It had a really good energy: very excited and bustling. I really like the size of the population, about 14,000 students, and the campus, not suffocating yet manageable.

There was a train stop right on the campus, so I’m sure that’s very convenient for the students. Also, they have many resources nearby but the immediate area is pretty much residential. I think I would be more interested in this school if it wasn’t in Chicago (I explain in my UChicago review that I don’t want to live there) and if it was a bit more traditional.

I didn’t take a tour or anything so I just tried to get as many photos as possible. Enjoy!

IMG_1380 IMG_1381  IMG_1383 (1) IMG_1384 IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1377

IMG_1378   IMG_1382



Does anyone have anything to say about DePaul? I’d really like to hear from someone who toured it or who is really interested in it! I apologize for my lack of information; if you’d like to learn more go to

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Thank you and merry searching!

2 thoughts on “DePaul Unversity

  1. Alexandra Becker

    My best friend goes to DePaul so I spent a lot of time there and I can easily say I would love to go there if I wasn’t looking for something with more prestigious academics. But honestly I know someone who went there who also applied to the likes of Harvard. The facilities are great and students are very fun. It is one of the most liberal Catholic schools you will find, which makes for a very open spiritual atmosphere. They don’t have a lot of dorms, kind of a negative. But it’s right near Lincoln Park, one of the trendiest and best neighborhoods in the city.

    1. mbfcs Post author

      I really appreciate you sharing your personal knowledge/experiences. This review (very clearly) is lacking in both of those areas and I think the perspective you provided is truly helpful. Plus, I like everything you said about it! Except for the scarcity of housing of course.
      Thank you!


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