Darn You Life? School? World?

I’m not sure who or what I should point my aggravation at, but raaawwwrrrrr!!!!!!!!

I want to go to San Francisco SO BADLY. But our planning keeps getting postponed and now my mom is proposing we just go at the beginning of my Spring Break. However, this is not as fine and dandy as it may sound. Let me elaborate…

So my family was tentatively planning a trip to North Carolina and Chicago for Spring Break but we were having a difficult time because my brother and I don’t share any vacation days. So that’s an entirely different problem in and of itself that has been stressing me out a little bit. But now throwing this San Francisco thing into the mix? Really? I mean it may end up working great, but does that not sound semi-insane?

The second problem is that schools have days off for Easter, the weekend we are now thinking about going, and so I’m not sure if school will be in when we can go. Which is not a huge problem or anything, it’s just that I was so looking forward to getting to go when students were definitely going to be there.

I know that these are not real problems and that everything will be fine, but I just want to go. So. Very. Very. Much. Whenever someone mentions San Francisco around me (which has been, cruelly, happening a lot) I feel like someone is lightly punching me in the stomach. All I can do is purse my lips and take a deep breath… then cry a little…on the inside.

More Updates:

  • I have been working with a great SAT tutor and even though I have less than a month until I take it, I’m not too stressed. The prep has just been taking up a lot of time! I finished my first practice test and I got in the 17-1800 range and I was super disappointed. But then I took my second one yesterday and I got in the 19-2000′s! Much closer to where I want to be.
  • Today my family was on this conference call, it was really just a woman talking to many people, about college. I didn’t really hear anything new or interesting, but she did suggest that students make their own rating system. That could be kinda cool huh? I don’t know, it sounds like something I’ll end up doing, possibly. Also, fantastic news for all the white girls out there: getting into college is impossible. Great.
  • I’m giving up YouTube for Lent…fun fact I guess? I need to prove my dubious friend wrong.
  • I have a four and a half-day weekend starting tomorrow. Yipee! And I don’t even have that much homework!! What am I supposed to do with my time?!?!
  • The answer to that seemingly rhetorical answer is: Go to an Ed Sheeran concert. Teehee.

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