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Thank goodness it’s summer! Am I right?

Yesterday was my official first day of summer vacation! I finished finals last week (mehhh) and then I took the SAT on Saturday (double-mehhh). Although taking the SAT isn’t a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning, I must admit that it felt less excruciating the second time around. Does anyone else agree?

After I was released with the rest of the mind-numbed cattle, I was finally free. Actually free. No more school, or homework, or meetings, or due-dates. FREEEEE!!! What a glorious feeling.

Last year, when the year ended, I was more scared than happy to be finished with Sophomore year. I had heard so many horror stories of the hardships that come with Junior year and I was really unenthusiastic about having to encounter them firsthand. But to any almost-Juniors out there, just remember that yeah, prepping for the SAT and/or ACT does suck, but the overall difficulty of your year really depends on what classes you’re taking and how involved you get. Junior year doesn’t suck for everyone! Have no fear friends, you will get through it! I promise!

It feels so great to be rid of Junior year. Yes, I am a bit freaked out by the prospect of dealing with the application process in a few months, but I’m also so excited to be a Senior! It’s unbelievable to think that in just one year I’ll be done with high school, I’ll know where I’m going, and I’ll be preparing to actually go somewhere! It blows my mind to think about it.

As I’m sure you all are, I’m very much looking forward to having a relaxing vacation. Here’s what I’m planning on doing over the next couple months:

  • Reading: I plan on reading a lot this summer. At the end of vacation I’m going to compile a list of the books I read and tell y’all what I think of them. 
  • Movies: I love watching movies and I plan on making a dent in my Netflix queue.
  • Working: I have the amazing opportunity of getting to write for my dad’s company this summer as an intern.
  • Going: I’m going to spend a week at my grandparents’ house in Texas and I’m going on service trip in Quito, Ecuador for week as well.
  • WRITING: I’ve really been doing a poor job at keeping up with writing reviews. School just got so crazy towards the end and I ran out of time. However! I’m going to take advantage of my free time and write as many reviews as I can!
  • Sleeping: C’mon, we all need to catch up on it before school comes back.

I hope you all enjoy vacation and keep thoughts of school at bay for as long as possible!

What are your summer plans? How happy are you to be done with school? Share in a comment!