Caltech, also known as California Institute of Technology, is located in Pasadena, California. For those of who have not been there, it’s awesome: the Rosebowl is there, the neighborhoods are very nice, and old Town Pasadena is a great place to hang out. It’s a very clean city that’s very close to LA. Old Town Pasadena is about 20 minutes from downtown LA and 5 minutes from the Cal Tech campus. Caltech very much has a town right there with food and shops, but it also has LA  with all the amenities of a large city. I think it’s a pretty dang good balance!

Great location? Check!

I had heard of Caltech before I went to visit, but I didn’t know a thing about it. I had no idea that it is such a good school–I pretty much just new that it was there, that it existed somewhere off in the majestic land of Pasadena. I think people don’t talk about it much because it’s such a small school–about 1,000 kids–but it gets rated so highly! I couldn’t believe that this little school, right in my own backyard, is rated equally to Dartmouth according to US News. I mean goodness gracious, that’s so impressive!

Amazing reputation/education? Yes sir!

Now you may be thinking: Wow! This is too good to be true! It can’t have a great campus either, can it? Yes, by the way, it can have a great campus as well.

Or you’re thinking: What is this? 1,000 kids? Science and math? Bleehhh!! Gross!! Get me outta here!! Although it is focused on math and science, you can still major in English, Philosophy, or Business if that’s what floats your boat.

And I completely get both sides! I love where it is (however I don’t want to be so close to home), I love the campus, it’s an amazing school, but it’s too small for me and may not have enough options for my liking. I don’t think I will go into the programs that they offer, so that pretty much takes it off my list, but I can still love the campus! Can’t I?

I didn’t take a tour, nor were students there, but I still really enjoyed my visit! I went when I was a Freshmen and it’s still one of my favorite campuses.

I think it’s so beautiful.




And green!

IMG_0815 IMG_1511


And old-fashioned!

IMG_1228 IMG_1383



And modern!

IMG_0837  IMG_1613








I also really like the fact that they have the residential college system–that’s something that I find really interesting and fun.

Also, they have a very strict Honor Code, which is apparently honored (heh-heh) by the student body. Honesty is extremely important to me and I think it would be incredible to go to a school with students who value it like I do. Apparently students actually take their tests by themselves and are trusted to not cheat–that’s insane! It sounds like another planet compared to high school!

I know that I won’t go here, but I did have a very good feeling while I was on the campus. It felt like a home, like a welcoming place to be. It seems like a very special school; one that is very unique and of its own category.

If you’re going into math and science, want a small and close community, and don’t like cheating, then maybe Caltech is your school! (However, be aware that it’s highly selective–under 15%.) I definitely think it’s for a very specific group of kids, which is great!–for that small niche of students. It really seems like an amazing place to go to school.



I swear I tried really hard to find what polygon this is. I used to know… Well, too bad, it’s still really cool!


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    1. mbfcs Post author

      It means that students live together based on interest in the house and then usually live with the same kids every year. Kids from every year can live together and each house has a certain personality and their own traditions.


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