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University of Miami

University of Miami has pretty much everything that I want, by many standards. It has about 10,000 undergrads, it’s very close to a city, they have great athletics and school spirit, it offers architecture, marine bio programs, neuroscience and many other options, and it’s a really good school. I think it’s very well-rounded and that the students are as well. The student body is very diverse and it truly seemed like there is a place for everyone.

The campus is really interesting because the architecture is actually a bit outdated and average, but the landscape makes it extremely beautiful. There is so much grass…

IMG_1952      IMG_1962



many trees…

IMG_1944      IMG_1955



and…a lake. Yup, a lake, right in the middle of campus.

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How crazy is that?? It really does feel like a resort; it’s so open, tropical, green, and tranquil.

The campus really doesn’t feel small at all, and yet at the same time it does not feel like somewhere you could get lost. It felt like a really good size to me because you can’t just stand one place and see it all but you can also walk around a little bit and see everything.


It’s definitely a school where you could easily ride a bike around. It’s flat and there are a lot of paved paths everywhere. Also, if you want to just sit and take a break they have these chairs that are soooooo cool! I think they were actually my favorite part. They swing!!


There actually is a very noticeable amount of places to sit. I mean it really is a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the weather and beauty of the campus.

IMG_1974    IMG_1977

My two favorite places on campus were 1) the cafeteria and 2) the gym.

Here are a few shots of the dining hall:

IMG_1992      IMG_1994IMG_1995Panda Express makes me super happy…yay.

And I absolutely love how everything is orange and green. I really appreciate that the school spirit permeates everything on the campus–it’s so fun!

I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the gym but I can promise you that it is incredibly nice. It is so new and clean and it has everything! I’ve never wanted to work out somewhere so badly before.

Here’s the bookstore and the center of campus (the dining hall is right there too).

IMG_1987     IMG_1988

There are also many sculptures on campus, which I thought was really unique and interesting.

IMG_2067   IMG_1982

IMG_1969      IMG_1957

IMG_1953      IMG_1965


Here’s what most of the buildings look like:


Building where the tour starts      IMG_1951

IMG_1954      IMG_1970To sum up my impression of the campus, it’s very Miami. You really do feel like you’re in a warm place, like you’re in Florida, and like you’re near the beach. The campus is actually in a town called Coral Gables, and it is so cute. It’s a really nice suburban area but it’s so close to downtown Miami. Also, there’s a train stop right above the campus which makes the city very accessible. Also, they have a school bus system that takes students around the area. There is a mall right next to campus as well. It’s sooooooooo nice and just a tad fancy.

Mall in Coral Gables

There are two large dorm towers where the freshmen live. There’s competition between them and I bet the dorm atmosphere is pretty fun. However, they weren’t especially great. The hallways are small and everything is white cinder block, but it really isn’t too bad. I think there are better options for later years, but I didn’t get to see any.

OSijmIAst6NJH3XdI_f61mtJs9Yh0duLJ3sZoDrEB3s IMG_2063

I had never been to Miami before and I wasn’t there for long at all. I may be wrong, but it reminded me a lot of Los Angeles. It seems like there are many similarities between the two cities but that the culture is very different. I think that Miami is much more vibrant than LA but still very comparable in other categories. I don’t know if it’s the best city for me and I actually have a really hard time picturing myself there. However, if I decide to go into marine bio then being in Florida would be a perfect location. Also, I have no doubt that it’s a super fun place to be a college student. I feel like there is always something to do and that you wouldn’t get bored. Also, because it’s in the suburbs, the campus has a more relaxed setting, rather than being somewhere very urban and fast-paced.

There really are so many aspects of University of Miami that make it perfect for me. I like it for so many reasons and I really feel like it is a great option for me. The one thing holding me back from loving it is Miami, which, I admit, is pretty dumb. But you never know! It very well could be where I end up and I think there’s a good chance I’ll apply!



Lastly, I have to send a huge thank you to my dad. We visited UM last spring break but we didn’t have nearly as many pictures as I had thought. And so, when my dad was going to a conference in Miami a few months ago, I begged him to stop by the campus and take some pictures for the blog. This resulted in him running around campus frantically taking pictures early one morning. And so, this post would be photo-less without him. Needless to say, I greatly appreciate how far he went out of his way.


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