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Last Fall, during my Sophomore year, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Northeast to see colleges with kids and counselors from my school. First of all, it was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever taken because I had such a great time with my friends. Second of all, I got to see so many amazing colleges! Guess what the first one was…..yeperoo! The big ol’ GT.

We stayed in Georgetown and I absolutely loved the area. It was beautiful and clean and exciting. They have a Ben and Jerry’s and an Urban–it’s safe to say I was set. Also, the neighborhood is full of brightly colored houses; it’s so unique and fun!


2011-11-07 17.09.42

The school is right at the end of a neighborhood and it’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s so weird to go from a residential area and then come across this castle of a school. I had high expectations, I mean it is Georgetown, but I had no idea it was going to be sooooooo gorgeous. This is the first view you see when you arrive to campus:

2011-11-07 14.05.24

Okay so the size is perfect (about 7,000), the campus is perfect (clearly), and I love the location. Furthermore, the academics have an incredible reputation and I’m sure that the students receive a wonderful education. The athletics are great and I feel like there is strong school spirit, for both sports and the school itself. I love all of these characteristics! Before going I knew that it had pretty much everything I’m looking for so I was really excited. (I also knew I wouldn’t be able to get in, but it’s all good). However, I have to be honest and say that I did not feel good when I was actually there.The environment felt, in a word, cold. All of the girls I saw were wearing tights and pencil skirts with penny loafers…it was 9:30 a.m. That’s called sweats and t-shirt time thank you very much.  It was just so preppy. But that’s unimportant! What left the bad taste in my mouth was the fact that no one was talking. It was SO quiet! And I’m SO loud! It was just weird to me. Everyone I saw just seemed very serious and to themselves.

Although I thought that I may have been crazy, my opinion was somewhat validated when I met a girl who spent a semester there a few years ago. I told her that I visited and what I thought of it, hoping to hear that I was wrong. Unfortunately, she completely agreed with me in that it’s somewhat cold and uninviting. She informed me that she felt as though the student body is very cliquey and not especially friendly. I found this to be extremely disappointing and actually really sad.

Anywho! Onto bigger and better things!

My favorite part of our tour was getting to go to some dorms. We didn’t go in them but we could somewhat see inside of them and they were incredibly nice! It was unbelievable. They felt like apartments.


2011-11-07 15.24.48-1

The view from on top of them was incredible:

2011-11-07 15.24.48-5

2011-11-07 15.24.48-4

2011-11-07 15.24.48-3

2011-11-07 15.24.48-2

Here are some more pictures I took:


2011-11-07 14.09.45


2011-11-07 15.32.42

2011-11-07 15.36.10-1


Here’s a fancy room with a fancy chandelier, ooo la la

2011-11-07 15.16.05

And here’s the crest! As at many schools, Georgetown has a superstition that if you step on it then you will not graduate in time. Ooooooo scary.

2011-11-07 17.01.51

I, apologetically, don’t have pictures of it, but the Student Center was a pretty cool building. There was a market/bookstore, coffee, food, a bank, etc. You have to take a bridge-type-walkway to get there and it’s pretty large. I ate at a restaurant there and, sadly, I disliked my sammich :(  But it was still a nice facility!

Like I said, this was the first East Coast school I went to and from it I learned something: college students smoke cigarettes. I thought that maybe it was just common at Georgetown…nope. I had never seen this at other colleges before my trip so I assume that it’s a regional thing. Anyways, it was really gross and sad to me so I’m just letting y’all know that I guess smoking is still alive in some places..who knew?!

Okay so I’m sorry if this review let anyone down or crushed your view of what Georgetown is. Please don’t hate me! I would like to reinforce that just because somewhere is not for me does not mean it isn’t perfect for someone else! Keep your minds open and do not let me discourage you!

To find out more about Georgetown and hear other, more knowledgeable, people’s opinions please check out College Prowler.


Quick end-note: If you go to the Johnny Rockets in Georgetown and then  happen to break a glass on the floor, creating a very loud booming noise and a dangerous mess, do not expect anyone to rush to clean it up…is this another regional thing?