Save Me (please) San Francisco! Any Train Fans Out There?

“San Francisco has only one drawback – ’tis hard to leave”
-Rudyard Kipling-

For me, I’ve been having the exact opposite issue: ’tis hard to get there!!

I’ve only been to San Francisco twice, but if anything, I would call them more of drive-by’s. The first time we literally drove through part of it. Seriously. That’s it. The second time was last year and we just went to dinner. I mean it was nice and everything but c’mon, I want to SEE it!!! I want to walk around and shop and see the views and ride the trolley like a mad man and eat more amazing food and find cute coffee shops!
I’ve been dying to go since the beginning of this school year and I nag my mom almost every other week. I don’t know why I want to go so badly but for some reason I really feel like it could be somewhere I end up living. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!

Example A:

IMG_0218Thank you, Pinterest!
And so, because I’ve been feeling this curiously strong magnetic pull from St. Francisco himself for oh so long, you can imagine my excitement when my mom informed me that we might go up to San Francisco in February to celebrate (belatedly) my aunt’s birthday!!!

I FREAKED OUT!! And I’ve been trying to plan it since I learned of this possibility…but I’ve discovered it’s going to be much more challenging than I thought.

From school and projects to the logistics of it it all, dang it’s hard! But I am determined to succeed!

Anyways, I’m not just telling you this because I really thought you should know about random weekend trips I’m planning to take. I’m telling you because heck! I can’t go somewhere and just relax, I gotta visit schools!! I think I may be addicted to taking a normal, relaxing trip and turning into a college tour (sorry family).

Sooo yaaaaaay! I’m going to get to visit schools when students are actually there!! Which is really rare for me! (And this is the girl who thinks she has the authority to publicly write about colleges? Well yes, yes it is). I’m going to try to take tours at USF, Academy of Art University, and St. Mary’s. I’m extremely excited to get to see, specifically, these ones and I can’t wait!

USF is probably at the top of my list and it’s actually one of the very few that I’m almost sure I’ll apply to. It’s a good size, awesome location, good school, good athletics and all-in-all has a lot of what I’m looking for. Out of the three, this is the one I feel most hopeful about. St. Mary’s may also be a great option for me because of the style of learning that they promote there. Although I highly doubt that I’ll actually go there, I’m intrigued by the Art Academy because of their photography and architecture majors–they also have D2 athletics which I think is awesome! It’ll be fun to go check it out in person!

I’ll post updates when I finalize more but I’m just too excited to hold it in!

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